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To sweep up your garden, car or workshop until it is clean as a whistle, you could use a Ronix 1206 industrial blower. It is a 500W power tool designed for both blowing and vacuuming that will help you clean a surface perfectly without any leaf, woodchips or dust left behind!

With a 2.3m3/min maximum air flow and a no-load speed that can go up to 13000 revolutions per minute, 1206 will go through thick and thin with you. It has a 6-speed setting enables working with different blowing air rate in order to adapt to different kinds of applications.

Product care

Please follow the instructions provided by the product manufacturer for optimal operations. Always clean tools after use and check for any issues so that extensive damages and breakages can be avoided.


Electric Blower 500W_details

Ronix 1206 industrial blower is a 2-in-1 tool that can both push away the dust, leaves and trash with an impressive air force or suck them at high speeds.

1206 industrial blower: A Cleaning Expert

When it comes to cleaning tasks in the workshops and on construction sites, 1206 industrial blower is the total package. Let’s take a closer look at all this power tool has to offer:


When plugged in a 220 or 240V outlet of 50-60Hz frequency, Ronix 1206 industrial blower’s powerful 500W motor can provide up to 2.3m3/min of air force that is enough to ace both blowing and vacuuming tasks.
With a maximum no-load speed of 13000RPM, this blower is a cleaning expert that wastes no time in getting rid of any dirt and rubbish!


1206 is a versatile 1-in-2 tool and you can convert it to a vacuum cleaner or blower on demand easily. This power tool comes with a 6-speed setting to deliver different blowing air rate and fulfil different needs for various tasks. Too many options for a simple power tool, right? But it does not stop there!
This blower is also equipped with a lock button to give you a hand during long hours of work and has an efficient heat dissipation system that ensures the tools faster cooling and its longer lifetime. Last but not least, as the fan blades of this blower have a Vortex design, it delivers a significant amount of air force.


Ronix 1206 is a lightweight 1.7kg blower with an ergonomic body. It has an ABS thermoplastic polymer housing for an incredible lightness and is equipped with a non-slip handle for added convenience.
This blower has a remarkably strong body that makes it a great choice for construction sites.

Packaging and Accessories:

1206 comes in a Ronix color box including all the necessary accessories, such as a blow rubber tube, a dust collection bag, and a pair of carbon brushes.


-Efficient 500W motor provides a significant amount of air force for both blowing and vacuuming functions

-2 tools in one, quickly convert to a vacuum cleaner for added versatility
-6 different speed settings enable working with different blowing air rate in order to adapt to different kinds of applications
-Vortex design of fan blades will impressively increase air force
-Strong design suitable for applications in the workshop and on the construction site
-Lightweight design, ABS thermoplastic polymer housing enables convenient use
-Ergonomic design and non-slip handle provide convenient handling during operation
-Heat dissipation system ensures faster cooling and longer lifetime
-Lock button for convenient continuous operation



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